Thursday, August 23, 2007

Concert Review: Modest Mouse and Band of Horses

Well, I unfortunately was denied a pass for my camera to the concert at Coyote's in Louisville, so don't be looking here for any sweet pics. I can, however, provide you with a run-down of some of the highlights from the concert.

Band of Horses

In the midst of many a "Nature Boy" Rick Flair "WHOOOO," Bridwell won over a crowd who mostly showed up for Modest Mouse. They opened with a new song, one that I didn't catch the name of, and followed that up with "The Great Salt Lake," my favorite BOH song. They also played "Ode to the LRC," with a full band. After a few songs, "Our Swords," "Weed Party," "Monsters," and a few others, the band closed with "The Funeral." The crowd loved it enough that Bridwell decided to play a new song from the new album. It was a rather lively song, with lots of honky-tonk piano, and it has me quite excited for the release. Band of Horses has really put together what seems like a solid sound with this new album, and has broadened out their tour roster it seems.

Modest Mouse

Opening up at 9:40 with "Invisible," Modest Mouse had an incredible two hour setlist, the entirety of which I could not keep up with. Highlights included "Bukowski," "Satin In A Coffin," and an (incredible) extended "Tiny Cities Made of Ashes." I had some trouble placing some of the songs, as they played from their entire catalog. I did hear "Trailer Trash" in the midst of some of the newer songs. Off the new CD, my favorite was most definitely "Missed the Boat," and Brock let loose on "Fire It Up." In fact, he kept his techs ridiculously busy keeping his gear straight (especially his mics; I think those fell/were thrown into the crowd multiple times). Brock is a great frontman, and his energy can be near-intimidating at times. Of course, the crowd (and I) loved both "Dashboard" and "Float On" near the end of the set. For the encore, they pulled out a near fifteen minute version of "Spitting Venom" that didn't seem overkill to the crowd at all.

I was rather disappointed in the venue change. Sure, Coyote's has a great atmosphere, and alcohol, but it ironically keeps the crowd separated from the bands with terrible visibility, and a dance floor front and center (with only 500 persons allowed). They had projection screens set up, but a place that small needing projectors should clue you into the problems they have.

UPDATE: Band of Horses has actually released one of the songs from their new album. It's one they played at the concert and I mentioned. It's called "Is There A Ghost".

[mp3] Band of Horses - Is There A Ghost

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